Meta threatens to shut down Facebook and Instagram in Europe

Facebook is shutting down in EuropeWill Europeans soon be without Facebook and Instagram? In any case, this is a possibility that Meta is considering. The American company expresses this threat in its annual report submitted to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). His wish is to continue storing Data from European users in the United States.

Facebook fears having to comply with European data protection regulations, It is much less flexible than the American version, this requires the EU to store user data on the site.

Could Facebook shut down in Europe?

Up to the present, Meta was protected by Privacy ShieldAn agreement regarding personal data was signed between the European Union and the USA. This agreement was rejected by the European Court of Justice in 2020, which ruled that user data was less well protected in Uncle Sam’s country than on the old continent. The Meta case is therefore being examined by Europe, and Mark Zuckerberg’s company wants a new agreement to be found to continue storing its data outside the EU.

In its report to the SEC, Meta states that user data is processed in this way. is vital for online advertisinge, the main source of income. Without this, the Palo Alto community might have chosen to leave the European continent. We would like to remind you that Meta is going through a difficult period, its share price dropped by 23% on the stock exchange last week.

Now it remains to be seen how things will progress. If Europe can easily do without Meta, Can Meta do without Europe? Not only will it deprive itself of millions of users, it will also deprive itself of a large number of professionals who use its platform and tools. This threat doesn’t actually seem very serious and is actually worth thinking about more than anything else. It would be truly surprising if Facebook was no longer accessible to us overnight.

Currently, the European Union and the United States are working on a new version of Pivacy Shield that could comply with the new GDPR rules implemented in Europe.

Meta assumes you want to store data in the US

City AM site has contacted Meta for more information. Nick Clegg, vice president of communications for the company founded by Mark Zuckerberg, said: don’t deny the reportwithout specifying:

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“Failure to transfer data securely and legally will harm our economy and hinder the post-COVID growth of businesses using EU data. Businesses need strong and clear global rules to protect transatlantic data flows.”

Facebook goes MetaFacebook goes Meta

Here Clegg uses They use companies as tools of oppression. According to him, they will be the first to be affected by the lack of agreement on this issue:

“In the worst-case scenario, this means that a small German start-up can no longer use our cloud data stored on American servers. A Spanish company will no longer be able to work on operations spanning multiple time zones. A French vendor could no longer have a call center in Morocco. Politicians will no longer be able to use our cloud data stored on American servers. “We are working on a long-term solution and we call on regulators to take a measured approach to minimize disruption to thousands of companies like Facebook that transfer data in good faith, safely and securely.”

Clegg therefore remains rather vague about the Meta’s threat, but still makes us understand that finding a new agreement would be better for everyone.