Instagram will use artificial intelligence to generate backgrounds in Stories

O Instagramone of the most popular photo sharing platforms, surprised its users by launching the innovative Backdrop tool, an application based on artificial intelligence (AI) that allows editing the background of images.

The new feature, recently announced, gives users the ability to create new contexts for their photos, which can be shared quickly and interactively through Stories.

Instagram uses AI to generate background in Stories

Available exclusively in the United States for now, the Backdrop tool offers a unique experience for people who want to customize the background of their photos.

The process is simple: when uploading an image, users can access the icon dedicated to the functionality at the top of the screen.

When you do this, the original background of the photo is removed and is replaced by a blank canvas that can be described and filled with a text command.

The identification of the edition by artificial intelligence is transparent, this tells followers that the image has been enhanced with the Backdrop tool.

This approach helps to produce communication between users, by highlighting the use of technology to transform their photos.

Now you can create personalized backgrounds for your Stories with Instagram’s new AI – Image: Instagram/Reproduction

Interactive prompts

Backdrop’s difference is not limited to editing backgrounds, but extends to interactive prompts that inspire users’ creativity.

By tapping the tool icon, people receive fun suggestions, such as being on a red carpet, being chased by dinosaurs or surrounded by puppies. Such ideas serve as a starting point and enable creative and unique expression.

After creating the story with the new AI-generated background, a sticker try it is incorporated into the image. This addition encourages a dynamic of sharing and interaction.

Ahmad Al-Dahle, leader in generative AI solutions at Goalshared the news through a post on the Threads platform, clarifying that the sticker try it it also facilitates the use of the tool by friends who have not yet explored the new feature.

Currently, the Backdrop feature is only available in the United States, with no official announcement about when it will be launched in other regions.

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