How To Develop An Efficient Cybersecurity Strategy

As the preferred choice, remote work and cloud computing have been carrying workspaces for nearly three years. As a result, business productivity is centered on an online workspace from multi-million dollar businesses to startups. The overall functioning of these companies now relies on remote work.  

It is projected that by the end of 2022, around 25% of jobs in North America will shift to full-time remote positions. This average will continue to grow in the next few years. As convenient as it may sound, businesses are at a more considerable risk than ever. Managing the whole work model on cloud storage puts them at a cybersecurity risk. 

What is Cybersecurity? 

Cybersecurity includes measures for protecting confidential data and information that is transferred through networks and stored on the cloud system. It prevents any attempt to hack, steal or delete confidential data and protects a person or organization’s interests against any leaks or security breaches. 

Security becomes a more significant concern as the world increasingly depends on technology and online networks to function efficiently. As businesses have moved on to working remotely, they require an efficient cybersecurity strategy to protect their interests against cyberattacks. More and more businesses have started investing in cybersecurity as a vital component of their business strategy. As reported by Forbes, the employment of cybersecurity analysts is expected to grow by 33% in ten years post the COVID-19 pandemic. 

What are Cybersecurity Strategies? 

Cyber threats have advanced recently, with attackers using innovative ways to crack the system’s security codes. It is essential to remain vigilant and install a competent cybersecurity application to protect your data. Multiple cybersecurity strategies, both in software and hardware form, ensure protection from various cyber threats. Some widely adopted cybersecurity measures include using SASE, VPNs, Firewalls, Anti-Virus softwares, and IAM solutions

SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) is a framework that combines different cybersecurity technologies to work together and securely connect users to various networks anywhere. Similarly, Firewalls and Anti-Virus softwares are used to protect the internal networks from any external threats or malicious programs disguised. 

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VPNs are the most widely used protection against cybersecurity threats. When using public networks, users can protect their identities using VPNs. It disguises your online identity and directs internal traffic to a secure connection. Next to VPNs, IAM solutions are also critical for the security of any business. 

What are IAM Solutions? 

Big corporations widely use IAM (Identity Access and Management) solutions to control the risk of data leaks and breaches. The IAM software allows the company to limit the access of specific users. Not everyone has equal access to the primary data storage point. 

It ensures that employees can only access the tools that are relevant to their jobs. Different security measures like two-factor authentication, single sign-on (SSO), and privileged access management all fall under the umbrella of IAM solutions. 

What Does IAM Do? 

Some of the key functions that IAM performs are mentioned below: 

  • It enables the organization to limit the access and control which user is allowed to access what part of the feed. 
  • It takes extra security measures, such as the Zero Trust policy to protect an organization’s confidential data and files. 
  • It offers group access control opportunities to organizations that want to protect their data. It means that not all employees will have equal access to information. 
  • It ensures that all employees have access to the tools and data needed to perform their jobs. 
  • It helps organizations comply with all the requirements for legal data management. 

Why Implement IAM solutions? 

IAM solutions can ensure that every employee using a network has the right amount of access to do their jobs. The many ways in which organizations can benefit from applying this cybersecurity strategy are: 

Protecting the Business

IAM monitors the activities of the employees on the network and verifies their access to every file. It helps businesses track their employees’ work on the network and what part of the cloud they are accessing. It manages the access permissions as well as identifies any irregular activities. 

Road to Digital Transformation 

It makes the digital transformation of businesses smoother. IT admins can easily monitor the user’s activities and enable the required access. Whether you are dealing with giving access permissions to employees, third-party administrators, or users, your experience should be consistent and efficient. 

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Improved Productivity

It is an excellent tool to increase productivity across the workplace. When employees have access to all the right tools and data that they require, they can produce better results. It can boost the productivity of an employee by providing them with all the required information. 

Full Compliance

It helps in building full cybersecurity compliance for organizations. In addition to improving the security structure, it also helps build customer confidence. Organizations can maintain trust and confidence with their customers, which helps improve their reputation. It also identifies any attempt at data breaches and helps to counter them. 

Reduced Work and Costs 

The IAM automatically performs all the security checks and access permissions, reducing the IT team’s workload. Most IAM-based platforms also come in budget-friendly packages. It can save a lot of time and money for the organization for better results. 

Final Thoughts 

Cybersecurity becomes a significant risk as more businesses adapt to remote and hybrid work models. These businesses can no longer afford to lose data to malicious cyberattacks and breaches. It is essential to adopt an efficient cybersecurity system that protects data and increases the productivity of the employees. IAM solutions provide top-notch security to every organization. It limits employee access to the required data and tools, protecting against any potential data breach.

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