How to free up space and make Android faster? Learn how to optimize your cell phone

Cleaning a smartphone Android it goes beyond simply removing apps.

Exploring the different options available and choosing the one that best suits your needs and technical knowledge is essential to keeping your device running optimally.

Next, you’ll learn how to deeply clean your device, as well as free up space by optimizing its performance.

How to free up space and optimize your Android device?

A Google Play Store offers a simple way to uninstall unwanted apps. However, for factory apps, the process may be different.

By accessing ‘Settings’ > ‘Applications’, you can uninstall or deactivate apps, freeing up space and freeing up other resources.

For advanced users, removing bloatware via root is an option. However, this may void the warranty and expose the device to scratchs.

Therefore, it is a recommended practice only for those who have experience in this process.

Applications such as CCleaner, Clean Master and Avast Mobile Security can help clean Android. However, remember to take backup before any deletion.

For users looking for simplicity, uninstalling apps from the Google Play Store or disabling unwanted apps are the best options.

These methods are safe and efficient for most users.

Freeing up space on your cell phone

To improve the performance of your Android, it is essential to free up space.

To do this, remove unused applications, use the Google Files for cleaning and consider saving photos to the cloud, like Google Photos.

Be careful with electronic waste

Person using cell phone – Image: Canva Pro/Reproduction

Don’t forget to empty your phone’s trash or bin to ensure that deleted files don’t take up unnecessary space.

Regularly cleaning WhatsApp media files can also help free up space significant on the device.

If your device supports it, using a MicroSD card can be an effective solution to storage problems.

As a last resort, factory reset may be helpful, but remember to back up your important data first.

Maintaining free space is crucial for the good performance of your smartphone. A device with nearly full storage may have difficulty updating apps, capturing new photos, or performing critical system updates.

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It is recommended to clear the storage of telephone every few months or when a drop in performance is noticed.

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