Have your Funko version! Learn how to create it with Bing AI

The advancement of artificial intelligence generated a series of new trends on the internet. One of the most recent is the creation of personal versions of the famous Funko Pop, that is, users can now view images of what their own doll would look like.

The entire process is done by the company’s free AI. Microsoft and it became a real craze on social media. The Funko Pop trend follows the same movement recently experienced with Disney Pixar versions.

If you want to be part of this fun, follow the lines below. We will explain how everything is done.

Create your Funko Pop version

Examples of Funko Pop dolls of famous people – Photo: Internet/Reproduction

The first step is to choose a clear personal photo that clearly shows details such as clothes, hair, accessories, etc. Then you must access the Bing Image CreatorMicrosoft’s AI tool capable of performing the transformation.

Using the tool, you can create elements separately, such as head, body, clothing and so on. The crucial tip is to think carefully about the aspects that make you unique, visually speaking.

It is extremely important that the details are defined clearly, as the artificial intelligence executes the command requested based on the description made by the user.

The result will surprise you. With your image in hand, simply download and share it on social media to be part of the fun. Invite friends and family to do the same.

The Funko Pop universe

The dolls Funko Pop They are famous all over the world, especially among geeks and collectors who like games, films, series, music and comic books.

They have a characteristic look, with a head larger than the body, and are made of vinyl. The ability to customize makes it easier to create a wide range of characters, whether fictional or not.

Since they emerged, in the late 90s, with the founding of the company Funko, created by Mike Becker, the items have aroused the interest of collectors, and today they are a great success.

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