WhatsApp: This very useful new feature will save you from very embarrassing situations

This happens to everyone. You regret sending a message to someone on WhatsApp, even if you sent the message to the wrong recipient. In these cases, the messaging service provides you with a functionality: “Delete for everyone”. The latter allows you to delete a message after it has been sent. Of course, it is very practical, but this does not prevent errors from being committed.

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Previously, when you wanted to delete a message for everyone, but accidentally clicked on “Delete for me”, you no longer had the possibility to repair this incorrect manipulation: the message, had disappeared from your conversation but was still visible by your interlocutor. WhatsApp has announced a new feature that will save you from such inconveniences. After accidentally deleting a message, whether it’s for everyone or just you, you’ll now have the message. 5 second delay to reconsider your decision and fix the situation.

WhatsApp: “Accidental Delete” lets you change your mind after deleting a message

“Delete for everyone” function appeared in 2017. Users have been loudly demanding that messages sent to the wrong group or in the wrong conversation be allowed to be deleted. Until last summer, you only had exactly 7 minutes to delete a message. Since August 2022, this period has been extended to 60 hours.

Ability to undo accidental deletion, according to WABetaInfo already in distribution on the desktop version of WhatsApp, but also on Android and iOS. The beta testing phase, which has been ongoing since August 2022, has ended and all its features have been approved. The deletion feature set couldn’t be more comprehensive. It is now impossible to take a wrong step on Whatsapp.

Source : WABetaInfo

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