Goodbye, Gmail? Statement causes panic by announcing supposed end of service

Recently the internet was hit by a huge controversy, thanks to a supposed message from Google, announcing that the Gmail would be closed.

The ‘apocalyptic message’ circulated on social media on the 22nd (last Thursday) and was reproduced mainly on X (formerly Twitter), causing a series of debates.

The message that went viral suggests that on August 1st of this year, 2024, the well-known email service would end and everyone who has an account on it would stop receiving or storing content.

The text also justifies the action due to an ‘evolution of the digital scenario’ and the development of ‘new platforms and technologies’.

Even the word ‘sunsetting’ was used to refer to this sudden ending. In English, this term has the literal meaning of ‘sunset’, and is widely used in the corporate world to signal the end of services.

Google speaks out on the issue and surprises

One of the false warnings that ended up going viral – Image: X/Reproduction

There is no need to panic and run out to save emails or other materials from your account, as the Google quickly took action and issued a note clarifying the situation.

Basically, according to the company, this information is false and Gmail will not cease to exist.

The warning was made through several company channels, including its official X account, which published a message reassuring users.

This ends any theory or speculation surrounding a possible completion of the platform so widely used around the world.

“Gmail is here to stay,” said the corporation on X.

Then, all publications containing the fake message were duly flagged as fake using tools such as Community Notes.

However, when searching for the term ‘Gmail’ on the aforementioned social network, you can still notice several people sharing untrue information.

According to some technology experts, email is not likely to end anytime soon. After all, it is one of the most important services maintained by the company, widely used as a means of authentication and access for several other platforms, for example, the Android system.

According to data collected in 2022, email has 1.8 billion active users, a percentage that indicates its popularity and profitability for the organization that created it.

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Therefore, instead of ending, Gmail must be updated to include new technologies and features that will improve its functioning.