Mystery in ‘Elden Ring’: director says the game still has an undiscovered element

‘Elden Ring’, the much-acclaimed work from FromSoftware, continues to surprise players with challenges and mysteries and will soon bring new DLC adventures.

Recently, Hidetaka Miyazaki, the game’s director, revealed in an interview with IGN North American who believed in the existence of an element not yet discovered in the gamechallenging players to uncover this last secret.

Immersion in the universe of ‘Elder Ring’

Despite numerous walkthroughshistorical analysis and datamines‘Elden Ring’ managed to keep this small piece of knowledge hidden from the public.

Miyazaki expressed his confidence that, over time, players will inevitably unravel this mystery, highlighting the approach of FromSoftware in creating challenging games, full of dangers, threats and, of course, unknown elements.

In his vision for the development of ‘Elden Ring’, Miyazaki highlighted that FromSoftware is committed to trusting players, providing an experience in which each individual takes responsibility for overcoming challenges and discover secrets without depending on guides.

The interview also revealed ‘Elden Ring’s’ unique approach to open-world games.

Miyazaki clarified that the game was not designed as a traditional open world, avoiding clichés of the genre, such as towers revealing points of interest.

However, this didn’t stop some bosses from being repeated, albeit with subtle differences in each encounter.

Miyazaki also highlighted the importance of ‘Dark Souls 2‘ in FromSoftware’s development, enabling new talent to take on leadership roles.

This trust resulted in projects being handed over to other hands, without the need for constant supervision from the director.

While players continue to explore the corners of ‘Elden Ring’, FromSoftware is already looking to the future with the ‘Shadow of the Erdtree’ DLC, announced as the biggest expansion in the developer’s history.

With an estimated price of US$40 in U.S and around R$150 in Brazil, the DLC promises to bring even more content and challenges for fans of the game.

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