Get ready to see what the cast of Harry Potter would look like in the ‘Star Wars’ universe

If there is one thing that “Harry Potter” It is “Star Wars” have in common is the fact that the two franchises have a legion of fans and are among the biggest sagas in the world of cinema. Thanks to artificial intelligencehowever, the two projects merged: the AI ​​made some Harry Potter characters become War Jedis and the result was incredible.

The creation was made by a person who uses the name “LuXxabde”. He used Artificial Intelligence to create a gallery of images that show characters from the wizarding world in outer space. Check the result below.

Dumbledore is a Stormtrooper

One of the most powerful wizards in the saga and very beloved among fans, Dumbledore, transformed into a Stormtroper. Check the result:

Image: Reproduction

Voldemort turns into a Sith

Another character that gained its version in “Star Wars” is Voldemort. The Dark Lord was portrayed as a Sith. The result was surprising, check it out:

Image: Reproduction

Hagrid is Chewbacca

If Hagrid came across Chewbacca, he would probably be intrigued by the character, after all, the beloved keeper of Hogwarts’ keys loves a different monster. In adapting the stories, he became the character himself.

Image: Reproduction

Snape is Yoda

Severus Snape, one of the most controversial characters in the saga, became Yoda. But the AI ​​added a slight reference to Wormtongue, from “Lord of the Rings“.

Image: Reproduction

Draco Malfoy is a Sith apprentice

If Voldemort turned into a Sith, it is quite appropriate that Draco Malfoy turned into a Sith apprentice, don’t you agree?

Image: Reproduction

Ron turns into a gentleman

Ron Weasley is one of the most important characters in the saga. His loyalty to Harry is essential to defeating Voldemort. Therefore, it couldn’t be any other way, in “Star Wars”, he transforms into a true Jedi gentleman.

Image: Reproduction

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Hermione is a true Jedi

There is no shortage of courage, genius, loyalty and intelligence in Hermione Grander. That’s why Harry Potter’s best friend turned into a Jedi. Her air even became a little more serious and incisive as she replaced her wand with a lightsaber.

Image: Reproduction

Harry Potter is also a Jedi

Finally, the most important character in the saga, Harry Potter himself, transforms into a legitimate Jedi. Your wit and courage are ideal for occupying the post. Look at the result:

Image: Reproduction

Artificial intelligence in evidence

It’s no news that AI is here to stay. Its use has helped several sectors, bringing efficiency and practicality. But when it comes to fun, it has also played an important role. Therefore, not only Harry Potter gained new air with AI.

On the contrary, it has become fashionable on the internet to transform characters into babies, gym rats and even crossover among the most unlikely stories. But that is a topic for another article.