Lover of danger: Batman has great affection for THIS villain (even more than for Nightwing)

Batman, the iconic DC Comics hero, has been known for his troubled relationships over the years. However, DC revealed that he has as deep a love for one of his enemies as he does for his partner, Nightwing – and no, it’s not Catwoman!

Although Batman is generally portrayed as a stoic, brooding hero whose emotions rarely surface, the new comic book series titled “Knight Terrors” reveals his iconic characters’ darkest fears.

In this context, Batman finds himself in a nightmare caused by the villain Insomnia, in which he is confronted with the graves of his closest loved ones and lovers.

Daughter of one of the most notable villains in comics has the great affection of Batman

Surprisingly, Talia al Ghul, one of the most notable villains and the mother of his son, is one of the few people Batman cares about enough to appear in his dream.

The issue “Knight Terrors: First Blood #1”, written by Joshua Williamson and illustrated by Guillem March, confirms Talia’s place in Batman’s heart.

In this nightmare caused by Insomnia, Batman relives his childhood traumas and realizes that he is being manipulated. He comes across the tombstones of people he loves deeply, including his parents, Alfred, Nightwing, Batgirl, Catwoman, and Talia.

DC confirms that despite Talia’s villainous tendencies, she is still an important figure in Batman’s life and one of the people he cares about.

Image: DC Comics/Reproduction

Over the years, Batman and Talia have had a complex relationship, alternating between romance and conflict. The introduction of his son, Damian Wayne, in 2006 didn’t change that dynamic much.

Although Batman is willing to fight Talia when necessary, especially during her time leading the Leviathan organization, this issue reveals that he still loves and respects her, valuing her presence alongside him and the rest of his family.

Batman’s love for those around him goes beyond what he normally admits. The fact that Talia is one of the most important people in his life makes sense on several levels, especially since she is the mother of his son.

With Batman’s love for Talia now revealed to rival his love for Nightwing, it can be speculated that he will seek a way to convince her to become a true ally in his fight against crime.

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However, considering her continued villainous tendencies, Bruce Wayne may not have much hope of that coming to fruition.