Don’t fall for it! Job scam on WhatsApp is a new virtual trap

The ease of communication provided by Whatsapp also opened the door to virtual scams, and one of the most common is the so-called ‘Employment Scam‘.

Offering quick cash in exchange for simple tasks like liking videos on TikTokthis trick has become a common threat on the platform.

In this article, we will explore how the scam works, the risks involved and measures to protect yourself.

The scam in detail: phishing and dubious investments

Criminals use messages from unknown numbers, usually from other countries, to offer seemingly easy and lucrative job opportunities.

The bait is usually payment for simple activities, such as interactions on social networks. However, behind this tempting offer lies a dangerous scheme.

Learn to protect yourself from scams – Image: Shutterstock/Reproduction

The main objective of the scam is to obtain personal information from victims, a crime known as phishing.

This data can be used to clone cards, request loans in the victim’s name and various other frauds. Additionally, criminals can trick victims into investing money on suspicious platforms, leading to financial loss.

David Guzmán, victim of the Employment Scam, shared his experience when he was instructed to invest the earnings supposedly obtained from simple tasks on a cryptocurrencies.

The apparently easy process resulted in the loss of the money invested within a few minutes.

The mental stimulation used by scammers to make victims feel like they are part of a legitimate opportunity is a common tactic in this type of fraud.

Protecting yourself from scams

To avoid falling into the Employment Scam traps, it is crucial to follow some security measures. Never click on links sent by unknown numbers, as they may lead to fraudulent pages.

Never provide personal information or data credit card on suspicious websites.

When receiving job offers, check their authenticity directly on the companies’ official websites, also searching for the recruiter’s name.

As technology advances, cyber threat awareness becomes an essential tool. The WhatsApp Job Scam is just one of the many tricks used by criminals.

By adopting safe practices and being wary of too-good-to-be-true offers, users can contribute to collective protection against these virtual frauds.

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