Youtuber creates entire Universe in ‘Minecraft’ and explains steps

Markus ‘Notch’ Persson is a visionary Swedish game programmer who has been making a name for himself lately.

When the programmer set Creative mode to ‘Minecraft‘, I probably didn’t imagine that someone would use the video game to build an entire universe.

And in this case, we are talking about a complex universe, which encompasses nebulae, galaxies and even a black hole!

When he was just 18, Christopher Slayton embarked on an epic project that saw him work tirelessly for over a month to assemble the cosmos using the game’s virtual cubes.

Entire universe is recreated in ‘Minecraft’

A recent high school graduate, Slayton meticulously documented his entire experience on video and shared the process on his YouTube channel. YouTube.

The channel, which is ‘ChrisDaCow’, has already gained more than 18 million views.

Amidst so much success, Slayton was invited to an interview with ‘The New York Times’. Furthermore, his creation drew attention in social mediaincluding X, the old Twitter.

Therefore, he revealed that during the intense construction process, which lasted a month and a half to complete the ‘Minecraft’ version and another two weeks to create a detailed video of the process, he gained a new appreciation for the beauty of the universe.

But then, if he didn’t have such admiration for space before, where did the idea of ​​building a universe in ‘Minecraft’ come from?

In this regard, the young man revealed that the inspiration for such construction came from a parachute jumping experience.

Creation steps explained

In this event in his life, Slayton sought to appreciate the beauty of the Earth in its fullness. Therefore, in his process of creating the universe in the game, he used a globe as a reference to measure the locations of each continent.

From this, the scaled data was entered into ‘Minecraft’. Then, he did the same with each planet in the solar system, using photos from planetary atlases.

To ensure accuracy in proportions, Slayton had to recall long-forgotten mathematical concepts. Over the days, using ‘Minecraft’ resources, he recreated the Sun.

Our star was complete with solar flares. He even made a point of observing real sets of stars, gas, cosmic dust and planets to replicate them.

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Young man goes viral when he creates a complete universe in Minecraft – Image: Reproduction

Even the inspiration for simulating a black hole came from the movie ‘Interstellar’. Since publishing the first version of the creation of the universe in October 2022, Chris Da Cow’s channel has jumped from 25 thousand subscribers to 1.03 million.

Additionally, Slayton offers access to the secrets of his constructions, including the Universethrough a monthly fee of R$57.50 on its Patreon page.

Entertainment and educational tool at the same time

When he learned of this feat, mechanical engineer B. Reeja Jayan, from Carnegie Mellon University, in the USA, emphasized to Smithsonian Magazine that ‘Minecraft‘ is not just a pastime, but a valuable educational tool.

He highlights that the game is easy for children to learn to play, while at the same time it is adapted to teach advanced scientific concepts to those interested in the subject.

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