China innovates with trackless train; understand how it works

The city of Zhuzhou, in China, has around 4 million inhabitants. In view of the large population density, there was a general need for an efficient means of transport.

Faced with this situation, the first trackless train in the world was launched, which is a cause for celebration in China, representing a significant advance in urban transport.

The debut of such an innovation in Zhuzhou, Hunan Province, marks an important milestone for sustainable mobility.

China launches high-tech trains

Train works without the need for tracks in China – Image: Reproduction

Developed by the renowned CRRC Corporation, one of the leading global train manufacturers, Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit (ART) is considered a revolution in public transport, driven by the most sophisticated technology available.

Working based on advanced sensory technology, the trackless train follows previously mapped paths on the road.

Although the vehicle initially consists of just three wagons, there are plans for future expansion. Thus, the idea is that these trackless trains have up to five cars.

With a useful life expectancy of approximately 25 years, the vehicle, measuring 32 meters in length, can accommodate up to 300 passengers at once.

CRRC Corporation innovated by using rubber wheels with a plastic core, introducing a pioneering concept to the railway market.

Fully electric, the trackless train can travel 25 km after just 10 minutes of charging, reaching a maximum speed of 70 km/h.

Therefore, China is aligned with the causes of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which have sustainability as their main goal.

Thus, the gases that cause the dreaded greenhouse effect in the atmosphere can be reduced, maintaining the global temperature suitable for life on Earth.

Instead of conventional tracks, the train follows dotted lines painted on the road, 3.75 meters wide. Equipped with advanced sensors, the vehicle detects the pavement and collects crucial data during the journey.

With an innovative design, the trackless train represents an evolution in public transport, merging elements of the traditional bus and tram.

Finally, its operation is independent of rails physical features and the two-head system allow operation without the need for maneuvers to change direction.

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