TIDAL performs much better than Spotify and Apple Music thanks to this new feature

tidal flow is expensive

TIDAL is becoming the little pain in the ass of music streaming, and it’s not users who will complain. A few days ago, someone outside the industry turned their nose up at Spotify. While the market leader had just increased its prices, blaming the French government in the process, TIDAL proudly announced that it had reduced its prices. To date, the service is undoubtedly the best alternative to the industry giants.

And the latter aims to consolidate its position. Now it’s cheaper, but also more complete. In fact, its latest update brings functionality never before seen among the big names in music streaming. It’s not the users’ fault for asking these things, though. Of course, we are talking about the possibility of sharing a song via a universal link open to any streaming application.

TIDAL is one of the first music streaming services to offer this feature

If you try to share a song with someone you love today, they will have no choice but to use the same app as you. For example, it is impossible for a Deezer user to play a song sent from Spotify, even if it is in its catalogue. There are definitely 3rd party applications that allow you to do this, but they are neither very well known nor very common.

So TIDAL is clearly changing things up with this new update. The service has yet to release a list of compatible apps, but users have already confirmed that sharing works with Apple Music and YouTube Music. TIDAL says other services will be added in the future. If you are subscribed to the platform, feel free to restart the application after the update for the functionality to be restored.

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