CAUTION: Cell phone charger gets too hot? Understand why

Have you ever found yourself worried when you feel your charger hot after unplugging it? Uncertainty about possible risks, such as fire, explosions or damage to the cell phone, can generate apprehension. But, before you panic, better understand what is behind this phenomenon.

Why does the charger get hot when the cell phone is charging?

The charger heats up during the charging process – Image: Canva Pro/Reproduction

The heat generated is a natural effect of the process of transforming the energy from the socket into a form compatible with the cell phone. This warming, however, must be “totally bearable”. So when is there reason to worry?

If the charger becomes excessively hot, to the point that you can’t touch it or it starts to smell burning, this could indicate a problem. In this case, investigation is necessary.

A very hot charger could be a sign of a defect in the equipment itself or in some part of the cell phone, such as a capacitor, resistor or chip in short circuit.

Such faults can trigger excessive electrical current when connecting the charger to the mains, which can result in overheating, fire or even explosion.

Despite the possibility of fire and explosion, experts emphasize that the charger, in itself, is not deadly. However, it is important to highlight that it is capable of causing injuries. Therefore, caution is necessary.

Essential care

Take some care when charging your device – Image: Canva Pro/Reproduction

  • Charge the battery in an appropriate location, away from the sun and hot surfaces, in order to avoid the device overheating;
  • Do not handle the charger with wet hands and avoid recharging in humid environments, such as the bathroom. Moisture can cause the pins to short circuit, which will damage the device or charger;
  • Make sure you fit the charger perfectly into the port on the cell phone and align the pins to avoid the risk of short circuits.

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