The 10 deadliest: see the ranking of the Justice League’s most powerful villains

The Justice League faces threats like no other. Over the years, the Multiverse’s deadliest villains have battled the League. On many occasions, heroes have stood between the Multiverse and annihilation at the hands of these monsters.

The enemies of Justice League have committed terrible atrocities across the Multiverse, but some of them have gone even further in their villainous ways. Check it out below.

10. Antimatter destroyed entire universes

Antimatter is an unimaginable force of destruction, capable of annihilating entire universes. The villains who dominate it have the power to extinguish life on a cosmic scale. And that’s just the beginning of our list.

9. Perpetua destroyed several Earths in her final rage

Perpetua is a fearsome cosmic entity who has not only destroyed several Earths but also wreaked havoc on the Multiverse with her overwhelming fury. The number of deaths attributed to her is shocking.

8. The Black Lantern Corps numbered in the trillions

The Black Lanterns, powered by the force of death, represent a constant threat to the Justice League. His search for hearts makes his death record macabre and frightening.

7. Darkseid is a terrifying force of conquest

Darkseid is an iconic figure in DC comics. His relentless quest for conquest not only results in the deaths of countless opponents, but also uses death as a strategic weapon.

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6. Mageddon is the ultimate weapon of the Third World

Mageddon is an object of mass destruction that threatens the Third World and, by extension, the DC Universe. Its power of massive destruction results in a terrifying death count.

5. Fear as a weapon

The Sinestro Corps is a unique alliance of villains in the DC universe. Led by Sinestro, who has always used fear as a weapon, his troop is made up of beings capable of not only sowing fear, but also of using death as a tool to terrorize.

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Despotellis, the deadliest member, is a sentient virus that has wiped out 85% of life in Sector 119, contributing to a death count that runs into the billions.

4. The Batman Who Laughs Destroyed His Earth and Then Some

A distorted and deadly version of Batman, known as “The Batman Who Laughs”, already says a lot. He not only destroyed his own Earth, but also threatened other universes, leaving a trail of death in his wake.

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3. Starro the Conqueror spread fear throughout the universe

Starro is an alien being with psychic powers that make him a galactic threat. His ability to control minds and spread fear places him among the League’s deadliest villains.

2. The Crime Syndicate ran over Earth-3

The Crime Syndicate is a twisted version of the Justice League from an alternate universe. They brought destruction and death to Earth-3, demonstrating their deadly potential.

1. The Legion of Doom has an impressive body count

The Legion of Doom is an alliance of powerful villains that has faced the Justice League on numerous occasions. Their collaboration resulted in an impressive death count.

Understanding the severity of these threats is vital to appreciating the Justice League’s role in protecting the DC Universe. Without these heroes, the death counts caused by these villains would be incomprehensible.

The Justice League’s deadliest villains pose a constant threat to the Multiverse. Their chilling kill counts are a reminder of why the Justice League is so crucial to the security of the world. DC Universe.

As the heroes continue to face these threats, the Multiverse remains in balance.

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