ATTENTION: WhatsApp reveals end of essential service for Android users

O Whatsappone of the most used messaging applications in the world, brought news that raised concerns among Android system users: the closure of the unlimited backup service on Google Drive.

This change will directly impact the way users manage their information, requiring special attention to the space available in Google’s cloud storage.

Changes to the WhatsApp backup service

The change in the backup service is already being implemented for beta testers and will be effective for all users during the first half of 2024.

Previously, users enjoyed the advantage of unlimited backups of their data in the cloud, which made it easy to restore conversations, images, videos and files through Google Drive.

However, with the new policy, this data will take up space in WhatsApp for Android’s cloud storage.

This implies that if the space in the Google Drive is exhausted, the backup of WhatsApp information cannot be completed until space is freed up or Google One plans are purchased, with options starting at 100 GB for R$7.99/month.

New backup process on Google Drive will be paid – Image: Shutterstock/Reproduction

The new procedure requires attention from users. When you choose to back up your WhatsApp conversations on Android devices, this will be limited to the space available on your Google account.

If the limit is reached, you will need to free up space on your Google account to resume the security procedure.

The importance of data backup is crucial to keeping conversations and files safe in the cloud, especially in situations where devices are lost or changed.

However, given the change in WhatsApp’s backup policy, users will need to adapt to this new reality and manage the space available on their Google accounts.

For those who do not wish to purchase storage plans from Google, WhatsApp offers an alternative by exclusively backing up text messages, deleting photos, videos and documents from the cloud.

Additionally, the native cross-device data migration function makes it easy to transfer conversations and files between Android devices or even from Android to iOS.

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This change in the service for Android is similar to the challenge faced by iOS users, who have always had their backups taking up space on their computer. iCloudApple’s cloud storage service.

Therefore, users of both platforms will need to consider the available space in their storage accounts when performing WhatsApp backups.

Users are advised to pay attention to the app’s notifications about this change, sent 30 days before implementation.

It is also essential to be aware of the space available on Google Drive and the storage limit to avoid interruptions in data backup.

WhatsApp will remain a crucial tool for communication, but adapting to these changes will be critical to preserving the security and integrity of users’ conversations and files.

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