AI experts are afraid of Zuckerberg’s technological proposal

The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerbergsparked concerns among technology experts when it announced its plans to acquire hundreds of thousands of expensive artificial intelligence (AI) processing chips.

Zuckerberg intends to buy 350,000 Nvidia H100 graphics chips, valued at around $30,000 each, to power AI models.

Such an acquisition aims to build open-source artificial general intelligence (AGI), a stage at which AI reaches or surpasses human intelligence.

Experts expressed concern about the possible impacts of this initiative, especially considering the absence of international structures to regulate this technology.

Mark Zuckerberg raises warning from AI experts – Image: Reproduction

Zuckerberg’s new acquisition puts fear in experts

Dame Wendy Hall, a computer scientist at the University of Southampton and a member of the United Nations AI advisory board, has expressed concern at the prospect of developing an open source AGI.

The discussion about the real viability of an IAG has generated debates intense, and Hall highlighted that releasing such technology without resolving the regulatory issues associated with such powerful systems is considered “really scary” and irresponsible.

Hall also emphasized the need to establish a regulatory framework for IAG, even though its implementation may take many years.

She warned of potential negative consequences in the wrong hands and highlighted the importance of internationally agreed regulatory decisions, and not just in technology companies.

Andrew Rogoyski, director of the Human Centered AI Institute at the University of Surrey, shared similar concerns and highlighted the need for an internationally agreed approach.

Meta, formerly Facebook, has faced similar challenges in the past, and its open source approach to IAG development raises unique concerns.

Other companies, such as OpenAI and Google DeepMind, are also in the race to develop an IAG, but Meta stands out in seeking to make its models globally accessible, raising questions about possible associated risks.

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