Lost your Wi-Fi password? Is it possible to connect to the network anyway

Currently, being without Internet can represent a real nightmare, but not being able to connect because you simply forgot the password WiFi is even more disappointing.

And there are even some tutorials on how to access the network keyword, but most of the time, they are quite complex.

On the other hand, only with a reader QR Code and an updated operating system, Android users can now discover this password.

It is a very simple process and can be done in just a few steps.

Losing your internet password can be a real headache – Image: Proxima Studio/Canva Pro

How to connect to any Wi-Fi network without password?

If you’re tired of using mobile data, this trick will be a real help. To do this, you only need a device with Android 10.

If you meet this requirement, simply go to your smartphone’s settings and search for the network you want to connect to. Select the ‘Wi-Fi QR Code’ option and return to the previous screen.

Then, press the box in the top left corner until the generated QR code appears. When scanned, the device will be connected to the internet.

Using this practical method, you won’t need to spend time typing passwords, much less miss meetings because you have no signal or simply not have to worry when you can’t use your Internet grindstonevel.

Do iOS users also have this option?

Users who use the iOS operating system, in turn, no longer have access to this feature, but can still use some alternatives.

Among them, the most used is internet sharing, in which the smartphone turns into a small router.

So, even if you can’t connect your Notebook, for example, you can use your cell phone to connect to the internet.

Care related to your safety

Although this tool is very useful, it is important to understand that some connections can leave your devices vulnerable. After all, your security and privacy can be compromised, even without the intention of the network owner.

Because of this, experts recommend being very careful with public networks, especially in airports, coffee shops, among others.

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In fact, keeping your device always up to date, be it Android or iOSis extremely important to avoid security breaches and preserve your online security.

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