WATCH: “I saw Izzy change a flat tire” – Fans react to VIRAL video of Alex Pereira working as a mechanic before completing his fighting career

Everyone loves a good “rag to riches” story! UFC middleweight champion Alex Pereira it has one of the best up-up stories in the fighting world. The newly crowned champion came from very humble beginnings and is now the middleweight king of the world’s top MMA promotion.

The saying “Hard places make tough people” is synonymous with almost every profession. Alex Periera is proof that this saying is true. The middleweight fighter from Brazil had his back against the wall and only professional fighting showed him the way to a great life. Before all the “Victory” (wordplay) in his life, “Poatan” worked as a mechanic in Brazil.

The UFC continued to be a platform that was more valuable than anything else in the world. Alex Pereira was already a GLORY award-winning kickboxing champion before deciding to transition into mixed martial arts and shock the world. He recently decided to bring his “Poatan” skills to the best promotion in mixed martial arts and is now the champion of the middleweight division.

Recently, a video of Pereira working as a mechanic and changing tires surfaced online, and MMA fans were stunned by the incredible improvement in Pereira’s life. This video came out after Pereira defeated Israel’s biggest rival, Adesanya. UFC 281 by knockout.

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Twitter reacts to Alex Pereira’s video from humble beginnings, works as a mechanic

Alex Pereira belt IMAGO
Alex Pereira with the UFC belt at UFC 281 – IMAGO / ZUMA Wire

Alex Pereira was born in Sa Bernardo do Campo, in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo. The fighter from Brazil’s slums recently hosted a UFC pay-per-view event at the historic Madison Square Garden, also known as the “Mecca of Fighting.” Fans were inspired by Pereira’s success and reacted to a video of him changing a tire at a repair shop.

Alex “Poatan” Pereira will most likely defend his title against his enemy Israel Adesanya in the rematch. The Brazilian is ready to fight again as he boasts of being 3-0 against The Last Stylebender.

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