Moto 360: Discover the 10 most beautiful skins selected by Motorola!

While smartwatches are still struggling to appeal to the general public, that could well change in 2014, thanks to Google’s smartwatch operating system, Android Wear and the Kairos hybrid smartwatch, or the already highly anticipated Motorola Moto 360. we created interfaces for it and Motorola chose 10 finalists. Discover them without delay.

Which interface do you prefer for Motorola Moto 360 among these 10 finalists?

A short month ago, Motorola launched a competition that bids anyone who wants to create an interface for the Moto 360 dial.Internet users chose the manufacturer. 10 finalists based on aesthetics, originality and feasibility.

Now in a second step, the 10 finalists will be determined by the votes of Internet users via Google +. The winner of the competition will win the Motorola Moto 360 9 competitors will be eligible to win a $50 gift card to spend on the Play Store. It is very likely that one (or more) of the interfaces among these finalists will be used in the final version of the smartwatch.

We recommend you because pictures are much more valuable than words Without further delay, explore the following 10 skins. At the time of writing Fonandroid, we could not decide between them, as each of them has undeniable arguments. Note that the Motorola Moto 360 is considered the flagship of Android Wear, which Google presents in the video, and should hit our shelves this summer for around 250 euros.

While you wait to find out the winner of the competition or get the Motorola Moto 360, feel free to share your impressions in the comments. Which interface do you prefer? Do they seduce you?

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