HEART-BREAKED: Diego Schwartzman and Victoria Azarenka among disappointed spectators in Lionel Messi and Argentina’s opening match loss against Saudi Arabia at the 2022 FIFA World Cup

Even though tennis players are stars in their own right and on their own courts, we’re just as human as any of us. However, they can be just as upset as regular FIFA fans when they see their favorite athlete or team crumble during a match. And this is exactly what fans witnessed at the FIFA World Cup yesterday, when Argentina lost 2-1 to Saudi Arabia.

For the uninitiated, Schwartzman, 30, is an Argentine national, and Azarenka, 33, is a long-time Lionel Messi fan. Both tennis stars were spotted in the stands, cheering Argentina for victory. Unfortunately for the duo, and for all Argentina fans for that matter, the team faced a rather shocking defeat at the hands of Saudi Arabia in the group stage match, leaving the fans disappointed.

Schwartzman, currently ranked 25th in the world by ATP, Train (host country) with unbridled enthusiasm. He even shared a series of photos reflecting his spirit on his official social media accounts. He was accompanied by his family and girlfriend on this journey.

However, their hopes were dashed on D-Day as their compatriots, none other than popular personality Lionel Messi, lost their opening-day match against Saudi Arabia, a comparatively weaker opponent than powerful Argentina. Schwartzman, who was seen wearing the jersey of his country’s football team, was visibly enraged at the turn of the match and was caught on camera staring at it as the match approached full time.

We can assume that Diego Schwartzman, who also had an average season with a 31-26 win-loss record, hoped for a better year end for his country and citizens.

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“Dream of life” to watch Lionel Messi play – Victoria Azarenka

Lionel Messi during an international match.
Lionel Messi during an international match.

Two-time Grand Slam champion Victoria Azarenka has claimed that watching Lionel Messi play for Argentina was “a dream of her life”. The Belarusian shared a photo of Messi in action on his Twitter account, claiming it’s been a long-time wish to witness it. The 35-year-old Messi takes the lead as the captain of the Argentina team and plays in the forward position.

The 33-year-old also shared a video of Messi celebrating after the penalty shootout, the only point in Argentina’s favour. Unfortunately for Vika, Messi and his team would suffer and would not be able to score another point against the Saudi Arabian team, eventually losing their opening day match.

While the outcome was not what he had hoped for, it must have been a great moment for Azarenka, whose love for Messi has been well documented. “I bought Messi signed Barça jersey as a New Year’s gift. I was very happy and still am. I am now an official big fan lol” tweeted over a decade ago. He also stated on a different occasion “What Messi has done on a football field is absolutely unthinkable. The way he walks from side to side and when he sees an opportunity, it just creates magic.

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