“I was ready to throw the heat,” Brandon Moreno explains in his UFC 277 Octagon interview, paying homage to Deiveson Figueiredo.

Brandon Moreno He can tell about the fights he wants, but he can’t do it at the expense of being a bad figure for his loved ones. Moreno, who beat Kai Black-France with a sensational performance and a TKO finish at their joint main event UFC 277, now the interim UFC flyweight champion of the world. Moreno is nominated for his inevitable fourth fight against the current undisputed flyweight champion Deiveson FigueiredoIt will be the first and fourth fight of a rivalry in UFC history.

Moreno and Figueiredo Thanks to 3 epic fights so far, they are increasing the value and popularity of the flyweight division. Moreno first fought the then-champion Figueiredo in a match that ended in a draw in December 2020. The rematch was to be held in July 2021, when Moreno offered Figueiredo to become the new flyweight champion. In January 2022, the trilogy took place, and Figueiredo sidelined Moreno in a split decision to bring the title back to his waist.

Brandon Moreno didn’t want his daughter to perceive her father as a bad role model

Brandon Moreno - Deiveson Figueiredo
Brandon Moreno vs Deiveson Figueiredo III

In the post-fight media blast for UFC 277, Moreno explains that he’s respectful of Figueiredo, meanwhile, during the interim champion’s interview with Octagon for his fourth fight, which enters the Octagon to face Moreno. Joe Rogan. Moreno also talks about his victory over Kai Kara-France.

“I promised him I would be ready to throw anything against him. [Figueiredo] at the moment [octagon interview]” Moreno said, “He was in Dallas 2 days ago, I saw him in the hotel lobby. You know man, I was ready take the microphone and say ‘let’s go son of a bitch! let’s go for the fourth!’ But man, everything I said was true man, my little girl, my other daughter Madison, 8 years old and now she understands everything or not but she will. I knew I had the opportunity to set a better example. I don’t want her dad to see her doing stupid things on TV, right…“He continued.

To what do you attribute Moreno’s respect towards his opponent in Figueiredo? Who do you think will win the fourth fight? Also, how would you rate Moreno’s performance against Kai Kara-France? Do you think the rivalry between Moreno and Figueiredo is the greatest of all time? Do you think flyweight fighters are finally getting the recognition they’ve long deserved?

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