Watch: “Long live GOAT” – Tom Brady makes a new comeback against the Saints with just seconds left on the clock

Tom Brady It is considered the GOAT of football and there is good reason behind it. First, he’s been playing at the highest level for over 20 years and is still going strong, and second, the game isn’t over until Brady says it’s over.

Bucs QB undisputed The biggest clutch athlete of all time with legends like michael jordan and Cristiano Ronaldo. The 45-year-old has a good composure that helps him fight for the win with just a few seconds left on the clock.

The Bucs were victorious against the Saints in this week’s Monday Night fixture of the NFL, and all praise went to Brady and his superb ball quality. The Bucs were 6 points behind the Saints with just 2 minutes left on the clock.

With just seconds left on the clock, Brady arranged a game-winning ride and the move is now complete: Rachaad White He caught a 6-yard pass in the end zone with just 3 seconds left.

The game was tense, with everyone on the edge of their seats except Brady, who had an outstanding performance by scoring two goals for 281 yards as he completed 36 of 54 passes. The last time these two teams met, the game ended with zero goals by the Super Bowl winner, this time seeking revenge.

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Tom Brady was celebrated on social media for his impressive comeback.

Tom Brady
Tom Brady

Tom Brady always has the potential to do something out of the ordinary. Maybe that’s why he played at the top level even at the age of 45. The Bucs QB is inspiring and most importantly giving them hope to all Bucs fans who were on the edge of their seats in Q4.

The seven-time Super Bowl winner started off poorly, but fans didn’t mind as the veteran made a comeback late in the 4th quarter.

Brady was congratulated on NFL Twitter as everyone paid tribute to football’s GOAT. Although some try to hate QB just for being so good. Check out some of the most interesting comments and reactions.

Tom Brady has taken the internet by storm with his incredible comeback and will hope to do the same for the league title as the Bucs are currently leading their league with a 1.5 game lead over the Falcons.

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