WATCH: “He’s so much better than you,” Skip Bayless DOES NOT RESPECT Shannon Sharpe for defending Tom Brady’s terrible performance, Sharpe counters

Famous TV personality Skip Bayless got into a heated argument with him. Shannon Sharpe during an episode Undisputed. Bayless was trying to defend Tom Brady’s poor performance against the San Francisco 49ers, and Sharpe was arguing that Brady wasn’t doing well all season. That’s when Bayless got personal with Sharpe and the latter lost his cool.

Sharpe argued that Brady hasn’t performed well this season, and he can’t get some free passes just because he’s considered the greatest player of all time in the NFL. bayless He got personal about it and accused Sharpe of being jealous of Brady for still playing at the highest level at 45, while Sharpe retired at 35.

“It’s just the outright hatred of a man who is jealous of her. [Brady] He still plays at a high level at 45 when you have to stop at 35” Bayless told Sharpe.

Sharpe lost his composure and started shouting at Bayless. He reminded the 71-year-old that he is in the NFL Hall of Fame and has had three Super Bowls. So he knows very well what he’s talking about. “This is what you do. Every time I call someone bad, you say I’m jealous. I did what I did. You make it look like I’m bad. I’m in the NFL Hall of Fame, I’ve won three Super Bowls!” said Sharp.

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Shannon Sharpe was stunned by Skip Bayless’ personal attack on her because of Tom Brady.

Skip Shannon Sharpe and Bayless
Skip Shannon Sharpe and Bayless

A baffled Bayless casually commented that even if Sharpe had 3 Super Bowls, it didn’t matter because Brady was still better than him. “What happened? What happened? He[Brady] much better than you!” said.

Bayless even interrupted Sharpe and didn’t let him finish, the latter even more pissed off. He confronted Bayless and said that while all Sharpe did was just state the facts, he would rather disrespect him just to defend Brady.

Skip, see what you’re doing? You do personal shots. You were going to give me a personal shot… Wait… wait, let me finish!
You wanna give me a personal shot to tell this man[Brady] Is he better than me because I said he played badly this year? Are you disrespecting me to support me?
said Sharp.

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Bayless has announced that he will support Brady more than anyone, as he is the greatest player in football history. “No, I support him more than anyone because he’s the greatest player ever to play your game.” said.

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