Joe Burrow Net Worth, NFL Contract, Endorsements, Girlfriend, Parents, Home & more

Name Joseph Lee Burrow
Age 26
Job American football quarterback
Other sources of wealth Confirmations and appearances
net worth $10 Million
Housing Ohio
Sponsors Nike, Bose, Fanatics, Cashpay, etc.
Charity organization Joe Burrow foundation
marital status In a relationship with Olivia Holzmacher
Last update December 2022

Joe Burrow was named American football quarterback for the National Football League (NFL) Cincinnati Bengals and comeback player of the year in the 2021 NFL.

Joe Burrow He is a young star for the Cincinnati Bengals, who defined his dream at a very young age as he comes from a long lineage in athletics. After realizing that their son had a future in football, Burrow’s father trained him as a coach to bring out the best in him.

Burrow began his journey in Ohio and achieved the school’s first seven playoff victories in school history. His career began when he was honored with the state’s Mr. soccer award and the 2014 Gatorade Player of the Year award.

Joe Burrow was a first-round pick in the 2020 NFL draft. The Cincinnati Bengals have chosen the 2019 Heisman Trophy winners. He made his debut against the Los Angeles Chargers and then earned his first career victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars, earning the title of the first rookie QB to throw more than 300 yards in three games. He returned from injury in the 2021-22 season and led his team to Super Bowl LVI, where they lost to the Los Angeles Rams.

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Joe Burrow Net Worth

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Joe Burrow’s net worth is said to be around $10 Million. multiple sources. Maintaining the radiant image of a player with such a personality requires a nice payout, endorsements, and a contract with the Cincinnati Bengals for Joe Burrow, in place by the NFL.

Joe Burrow’s contract is worth $36,190,137 and is guaranteed for four years. Also a huge signing bonus of $23,880,100 and an average salary of $9,047,543.

Joe Burrow’s Brand collaborations and endorsements

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With a desire to do good, the 25-year-old teamed up with Guinness to become one of the NFL’s biggest stars. Burrow will be joined by Joe Montana, who will join the brand’s philanthropic efforts.

Having just completed two years in the NFL, Burrow is already making his fortunes with Bose, NIKE, Fanatics, the cash app, an Ohio-based truck builder, Kroger, and many more big brands and fashion names. mountain. This stylish football player makes himself visibly attractive with all the assets and charm he carries.

Does Joe Burrow have charities?

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After all the wealth he has earned throughout his football career, Joe is committed to helping humanity with his philanthropic trust, by helping people in need with all his heart. QB founded the JOE BURROW FOUNDATION whose mission is to provide resources and support to the underprivileged.

He also established a hunger relief fund for the needy and collected millions of dollars with the help of this fund. It aims to provide basic needs and amenities, from fighting hunger to safe drinking water and empowering people with weak mental status. His philanthropy tries to cover all these aspects.

Joe Burrow’s girlfriend

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Good young man Burrow He’s dating a beautiful girl named Olivia Holzmacher, Joe’s college sweetheart at Ohio State University since 2017. These two lovebirds fell in love and started dating even before the quarterback took the Cincinnati Bengals to the Super Bowl.

Olivia made her Instagram debut with a photo of the duo celebrating their LSU win with Burrow in 2017. She graduated from Ohio State University and was a big football fan before she started dating Burrow.

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