‘Ugly and Tinder date’ NBA experts make distorted comments about 9x All-Star Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook He had his worst season, given the level of talent that has been brought to the table in the past decade. At this point, he’s become the laughing stock of the league, and the trolls have never stopped attacking him over last season’s brutality. NBA experts held him by the neck, repeatedly saying “Westbrick”.

Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook

The Los Angeles Lakers quarterback eventually responded by calling them out for disrespecting the family name. Not only he, but his wife Nina also intervened. Honestly, it was never entirely her fault as she was just a part of it.

Skip Bayless It was the specialist who was held responsible for the nickname. But he still continues to make fun of the former MVP, as he said in the latest episode of Undisputed, “She’s like that pretty girl and you wake up the next morning with no make up and wait a second.”

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Skip Bayless’ undisputed partner joins to troll Russell Westbrook

Shannon Sharpe
Shannon Sharpe

We know how much Bayless loves to have fun with the 9x All-Star and Los Angeles Lakers. This time, however, Shannon Sharpe, a Lakers fan, joined the movement, commenting on Russ:Russ, that beautiful girl you can’t wait to date and then get rid of.” As funny as these two jokes are, Westbrook will somehow get his revenge.

Last season ended quite unconventionally, with Russell Westbrook revealing his teammates and walking away as if nothing had happened. He chose to enter his final year with the team and will be paid $47 million next season. Russ may have to settle for his role on the team amid rumors that head coach Darwin Ham plans to use Anthony Davis at the center of the attack.

Trolling may never stop until Mr. Triple-Double proves a point and passes him. It wasn’t necessarily too bad that his role on the team was third option, but he never took the lead when absolutely needed. The Lakers made a few changes, signing Patrick Beverley and Dennis Schroder.

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