WATCH: Victor Oladipo booed heavily by Pacers fans on his first return to Indiana

Miami Heat’s Victor Oladipo It’s the first time since the Indiana Pacers traded him. However, it was received very badly from Pacers fans and there was a lot of booing around the stadium. Unfortunately, Victor didn’t have good memories of his time playing for the Indiana Pacers.

Viktor Oladipo might not have expected this as fans flocked to support him at his old pitch. The Guard averaged 20.6 points, 5.2 rebounds, 4.3 assists and 1.9 steals while tied for 2.1 triples per game in his stint in the Pacers series.

Oladipo He played two All-Star games with the Pacers, received an All-NBA call, and won the 2017-18 Most Improved Player of the Year award. It wasn’t his fault, as Oladipo was part of a four-team blockbuster trade deal based on James Harden of the Philadelphia 76ers. Caris LeVert was initially traded to the Rockets, but was soon transferred to the Pacers in exchange for Oladipo.

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Victor Oladipo recounts nostalgic moment returning to Indiana Pacers’ court

Victor Oladipo of Miami Heat
Victor Oladipo of Miami Heat

Miami Heat He was scheduled to play with the Indiana Pacers. It was time for Heat star Victor Oladipo to play against his former team. He spent four seasons with the Indiana Pacers. After nearly 12 games played by the Indiana Pacers in 2020-21 NBA The following season, they failed to seize the opportunity to buy Caris LeVert in a deal involving Oladipo and her expiring contract. Thus, they left the All-Star twice.

Oladipo only played in 35 regular season games because injuries caused him to miss too much playing time with the Pacers. The Rockets traded Oladipo to Miami in March 2021 and he has been with the team ever since. In a video that went viral, Victor talked about his feelings about the Pacers returning home and said: stated that entering the building gave him some nostalgia. However, when he took the field, the fans mocked him, but the Heat defeated the Pacers 87-82.

Bam Adebayo had 22 points and 17 rebounds, while Jimmy Butler finished the fourth quarter with 7 points in a row and 20 points. The Heat had lost three of their previous four games and it was a much needed win for them.

On the other hand, Buddy Hield He led the Pacers with 19 points and Andrew Nembhard added 18 points as Indiana lost for the sixth straight second in eight games.

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