“Shame at HCA” – IND vs AUS 3. Ugly scenes at Gymkhana Ground in Hyderabad when stampede breaks out for T20I tickets; Twitter is reacting

International cricket will return to Hyderabad after a long three-year hiatus, but before that, Hyderabad police filed a lawsuit against the Hyderabad Cricket Association on Friday following the stampede at Gymkhana Field on Sept.

According to reports, fans gathered outside the ticket office to buy tickets as early as 3am. The stampede began as fans flocked to buy tickets for the third T20I between India and Australia.

Before the situation got out of control, about 30,000 people were in the queue for a total of 3000 tickets. Police blamed excited fans for causing law and order issues. There were ugly scenes everywhere. Many fans lost consciousness and were taken to hospitals for treatment.

Fans and police claimed that the authorities did not make the necessary arrangements because they did not anticipate the arrival of such a large crowd. Fans also said that online ticket sales stopped after just 10 minutes, so they had to buy them offline.

Mohammad Azharuddin, head of the Hyderabad Crikcet Association, addressed the issues and said it was unfair to blame the body. “Playing a match is not as easy as sitting in this room and arguing. We didn’t do anything wrong. We stand with the injured fans in the morning events and HCA will take full care of them. I will give the Minister a full report on the sale of tickets, availability and other details and he will tell you what is right and what is wrong.Azharuddin said at a conference attended by Sports Minister V Srinivas Goud, who asked HCA members for clarification.

There will be problems. Yes, the public wants to see the game after a three-year hiatus. But again, not all of them can do that. We will give all the details at the press conference on Friday. We have nothing to hide. But at the same time, we have to make sure that the game progresses. this Supreme Court did not give any orders that limited my powers”the former captain of India added.

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Check out how Twitter is reacting to the stampede in Hyderabad

Hyderabad Cricket Association

A few videos showing the seriousness of the issue were posted online. Check out the videos and fan reactions:

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