WhatsApp: new update, download APK

WhatsApp is regularly accused of participating in the spread of fake news and hate speech. The developers of the instant messaging app therefore had to adapt and limit the transfer of a message to 20 people on WhatsApp. In fact, the number was reduced to 5 for India, the most problematic country where chain messages led to the lynching and death of several people. Well, this 5 limit is now active for everyone. Therefore, users can no longer forward the same message to more people or groups. It’s a feature that most people use very little, especially for mass sharing of information that is very often inaccurate.

WhatsApp integrates Picture-in-Picture mode for video playback

Another feature that landed on WhatsApp recently and that you might have for a few days is the Picture-in-Picture mode for playing videos. First of all, it allows you to watch YouTube videos directly from chat, while in the past clicking such a link would send you to the YouTube app. It is also possible to play the video and continue reading the conversation. On the other hand, you have to stay in the chat where the link is shared, it is not possible to use this mode while navigating the rest of the app.

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Among the next options that should appear in the app soon, WhatsApp may require Snapchat to let you send messages that disappear after reading them. The ability to privately reply to a message from someone in a group should also be coming. Meanwhile, you can manually download WhatsApp via the link below to take advantage of the latest added features.

Download APK of latest version of WhatsApp Messenger

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