Google Assistant: French version available on Google Allo

A year ago, as part of Google I/O 2016, Google Competing with Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa and Microsoft Cortana go head-to-head on Android. Unfortunately, if English speakers have been using this assistant for a few months, the French version of Google Assistant will not be available until next September.

However, starting today, it is possible to discover French-speaking Google Assistant on Google Allo, Google’s messaging app was also introduced during the last I/O. In fact, the assistant is now integrated into Allo in many different languages, including Molière’s.

Google Assistant: First preview while waiting for French release scheduled for September

In-app, Google Assistant registered as a person. The user can text him and ask him all kinds of questions. Like Siri, Assistant is personalized and can answer questions about her personality, such as her age or preferences.

However, it is talent above all else. answer practice questions this makes it useful. For example, from Google Allo it is possible to request information from the Assistant, such as weather, news, or transportation schedules. Similarly, the software can search for a restaurant and book a table or movie ticket. To save time, a person can be called on a call to set up an appointment faster.

Note that Google Allo is available for free on the Google Play Store. Despite the strong competition in the messaging space, Allo stands out with its many features and quality befitting other Google services.

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