7 Best Galaxy Note 7 Alternatives

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was one of the best smartphones released in 2016. However, after a global recall, the phone was permanently discontinued. In the US alone, more than 100 devices have exploded or caught fire due to a faulty battery or component. The phone is no longer usable and carriers disable it with software updates. All in all, here are some of the best Galaxy Note 7 alternatives.

On September 2, just two weeks after the Galaxy Note 7’s release date, Samsung announced a explanation on the subjectand recalled over 2.5 million handsets in an unprecedented event. The same problem occurred with newer chassis models following the recall, causing the company to discontinue all sales and replacements.

On October 11, Samsung confirmed that the phone will no longer be available anywhere in the world. They told all owners to turn off the device, turn it off and return it for a full refund. Updates in December and January started turning it into a paperweight. For those who still have it, we will help you replace it with something valuable.

The Galaxy Note 7 had a lot to offer, which makes it pretty hard to replace. Features like the best 5.7-inch Quad-HD display in the industry, a powerful processor with 4GB of RAM, a great camera, microSD support for storage expansion, S-Pen stylus and of course IP68 dust and water resistant.

There are countless reasons why a user would want this phone, but don’t worry, there are many options with similar features. In fact, the Galaxy S7 Edge from March is almost identical to the Galaxy Note 7. It’s just 5.5 inches instead of 5.7 inches and doesn’t have an S-Pen stylus, but it’s close. Everything else stands still, making it our first and best Note 7 alternative. Those who replace Note 7 with another Samsung device, Suitable for a $100 gift card From Samsung or carriers.

Between Google’s new Pixel and the iPhone 7 and LG V20, buyers have capable options to use instead. Most of the phones below have similar screen size or same specs, so the situation isn’t as bad as some news sources might think.

In Korea, Samsung will apparently give Note 7 owners a 50% discount on the Galaxy S8. Which comes in March or April and sounds very promising. That’s nice, but we need a valid backup today. Now that Samsung has officially discontinued the Note 7, owners need to look elsewhere. Our slideshow below crosses over 7 good alternatives.

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