Do you have something to hide on the internet? ‘Panic button’ in Opera GX avoids embarrassment

The Opera GX browser, made especially to meet the demands of gamers video gamewith the aim of achieving the maximum capabilities of a PC Gamer, has everything to attract other audience profiles.

The new feature launched five years ago by Opera allows a series of modifications and commands that can be very useful in everyday life. Through it, for example, it is possible to guide the influence of RAM memory on a device.

With so much improvement, it is expected that not only video game players, but also other audiences who use ChromeFirefox or Safari pay attention to the advantages of the Opera browser.

Curious update

Opera GX was initially created for PC Gamers, but offers features for all usage profiles – Photo: Internet/Reproduction

Among so many curious new features, one of the main ones is certainly the so-called ‘panic button’. After creating a feature that deletes embarrassing information from search and browsing history, after two weeks without access to Internetthe developers evolved into something even more incisive.

This button, when activated using the F12 key, is capable of immediately silencing all open tabs in the browser and changing the screen to a tab with safe content, or opening specific websites at random, such as Google, Wikipedia, Twitch, YouTube and others.

If you have something to hide or that could compromise you if someone approaches, this button is here to save you. It is essential, for example, in situations such as:

  • You are at work while another job opening;

  • You look for a gift for someone, and the person arrives suddenly;

  • You are in a confidential conversation, and someone approaches.

How to activate the ‘panic button’ in Opera GX

To activate it, follow the step by step below:

  • In the browser sidebar, click on the gear symbol to open settings;

  • Then, in the sidebar, click on “Basic”;

  • Once done, scroll down to the “Panic Button” option;

  • When activating the feature, the browser will ask you to configure which websites will be shown after using the button;

  • When this whole process is finished, it’s time to test: press F12 and see if it works.

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