WhatsApp launches feature to block conversations with code; see how to use

In a reality in which the digital security is becoming increasingly important, the Whatsappone of the world’s leading messaging apps, is not left behind and takes an important step by releasing an update focused on privacy.

With its latest update, the application brings an interesting feature: the possibility of hiding conversations using a secret code.

This new feature represents a significant advance in the privacy available to users.

Digital security – Image: Canaltech/Reproduction

Enhanced privacy

Before this feature, the security of conversations on WhatsApp was linked to the device’s password or biometrics. Now, the application offers a more personalized and secure method.

With the exclusive secret code, independent of the device’s password or biometrics, users can hide their conversations, adding an extra layer of protection and making unauthorized access to confidential information difficult.

With this change, the app demonstrates its commitment to protect information confidential information of users.

In addition to the code, WhatsApp introduces new features to reinforce users’ security and privacy.

A special shortcut in the search bar allows you to access hidden conversations only after entering the respective code.

Furthermore, the application makes it possible to quickly hide conversations in the chat list, increasing the agility in protecting privacy.

Secret code configuration

To activate this functionality, users must first have a hidden conversation. After accessing the secret conversations tab, it is possible to configure the secret code in the security options.

This process ensures a safer and more secure experience, in line with WhatsApp’s commitment to preserving users’ digital privacy.

It is essential that users keep their code secret and regularly update their security settings, ensuring maximum protection of their conversations.

With this new feature introduced, the Whatsapp reaffirms its role as one of the most secure and reliable messaging apps on the market.

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