The trend caught on: HBO Max makes DRASTIC decision on password sharing

A surprising turn of events has shaken the streaming platform scene, highlighting a change in attitude towards sharing passwords. The debate against this practice, led by Netflix, now has a strong ally: HBO Max.

Recently, the platform announced plans to take direct action to curb unauthorized account sharing.

While the Netflix had been facing this issue alone, HBO Max’s stance signaled a possible realignment between the sector’s giants.

The decision to combat password sharing is expected to begin next year, 2024, which indicates that the platform has reevaluated its strategy to preserve its profits and the security of its transactions.

This change was recently announced to the media, on Thursday, the 2nd, by the platform’s CEO, Casey Bloys. According to him, this is something the company is interested in focusing on over the next year.

HBO Max CEO speaks out about decision

Image: Reproduction

Casey Bloys, CEO of HBO, revealed that the company was attentive to the success of Netflix when addressing the issue of password sharing in certain countries. Bloys also emphasized that closely observing the actions and postures adopted by the competition generated relevant insights.

According to him, concern and efforts to contain unauthorized password sharing should be a priority for all streaming platforms.

Netflix’s approach to addressing this challenge appears to have inspired broader reflection across the industry. Bloys highlighted the importance of advancing this practice, claiming that it is a crucial topic that requires the attention of all companies in the sector.

HBO’s stance reflects a movement towards defending the integrity of subscriptions and, at the same time, highlights the growing need to adapt strategies in the face of this evolving reality in the digital entertainment landscape.

However, before putting these new measures into practice to prevent password sharing, the platform intends to implement the new streaming in several countries, Maxaiming to replace HBO Max.

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