Tesla robot gets out of control and ATTACKS employee at factory in the United States

An unusual episode at the factory Tesla in Austin, Texas, drew attention to the challenges of industrial automation.

One robotpart of the production system of the company led by billionaire Elon Musk, got out of control and attacked an engineer in 2021, raising concerns about safety in the workplace.

Employee is attacked by robot at Tesla factory

Employee reportedly left bleeding from incident with the robot – Image: Tesla/Reproduction

The incident occurred when the engineer, responsible for reprogramming two other robots, was surprised by the third’s attack.

Witnesses report that the machine, designed to handle car parts, grabbed the employee, causing injuries to his back and arm, as well as leaving him bleeding.

The injury report, required by law to maintain tax incentives in Texas, indicated that the engineer did not require work leave after the incident.

A Teslato date, has not commented on what happened, increasing rumors and apprehension regarding automation in industrial environments.

The robot attack raises questions about worker safety in a landscape increasingly dominated by machines.

Tesla is well known for its innovations in electric vehicles and automatic technologies, and now needs to deal with the physical integrity of its employees, while maintaining high standards of automation in its factories.

In addition to the injured engineer, there is no confirmation of other incidents involving robots in the same factory.

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