Powerful radar catches traffic violations remotely

With some frequency, drivers adopt the same tactic when faced with a radar on the roads. They usually brake seconds before reaching the speed measuring equipment, in the belief that this is enough to avoid the accident. traffic ticket.

Things, however, are a little different, especially due to the arrival in Brazil of a new inspection technology. We are talking about radar with doppler effect, which can detect infractions from a distance.

The novelty is already in the experimental phase in Curitiba (PR) and in the interior of São Paulo. It’s good to pay attention on the roads so as not to be caught by surprise.

Differentiator of this radar

Detection of speeding on highways will become more efficient in Brazil – Photo: Reproduction

The new equipment has a basic difference in relation to conventional fixed radars. While these measure speed using sensors on the asphalt, the Doppler radar measures speed using electromagnetic waves.

This way, he can identify potential speed abuses after cars pass through the equipment. This is essentially due to the use of doppler technology.

Thanks to it, the equipment is capable of detecting the speed of a vehicle up to 50 meters after passing through the device.

The car may even pass within what is permitted, but if it accelerates quickly immediately after the measurement, within this predicted distance, it will still be subject to the assessment.

As this is a testing phase, the application of fines has not yet been implemented. In any case, it is worth paying attention, as they must be implemented definitively in the future.

Where are the doppler radars?

In São Paulo, at least 13 units of the new radar were installed on six state highways:

  • Washington Luís (SP-310);

  • Luiz de Queiroz (SP-304);

  • Commander João Ribeiro de Barros (SP-225);

  • César Augusto Sgavioli (SP-261);

  • Irineu Penteado (SP-191);

  • Assis Chateaubriand (SP-425).

In addition to detecting speeding, the radars can also identify lane changes in prohibited areas and the advance of the vehicle. Red sign.

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This efficiency already demonstrates good results in Curitiba. The responses in driver behavior have been immediate. Not surprisingly, the trend is for the item to spread across Brazil.

Doppler equipment has already been approved by Inmetro. They are checked periodically and are a type of radar that requires less corrective maintenance, which makes inspection more effective.

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