Google Maps will help you choose the best restaurants; see how

O Google Maps It’s like that trusted friend who always knows the right path. It not only guides us to fixed destinations, but helps us discover interesting places when we are exploring a new city during vacation or a business trip.

It seems that Google is committed to making this experience even more enriching, especially helping restaurants add their menus directly to the app.

It’s a revolution for food lovers. When you open the app and browse the photo page, there will be detailed descriptions of appetizing dishes accompanied by in-depth information about the menu.

The most surprising thing is that this entire process will be automated!

Users themselves can contribute to the wealth of information by sharing images of dishes and providing valuable insights for those who want to explore new gastronomic environments.

Google Maps has made users’ lives easier

Google Maps will associate web publication with the establishment – ​​Image: Pavlo Gonchar/SOPA Images/LightRocket/Getty Images/Reproduction

But the news from Google don’t stop there! In addition to the delicious descriptions, customers will now have access to the prices of the dishes, making it easier to choose according to their budget.

Foods will also be categorized, from the most popular to vegetarian options, providing a personalized and efficient experience.

And if by chance there is incorrect information, customers themselves will have the power to correct it, contributing to the accuracy and constant updating of the database.

This innovation promises to transform the way we explore restaurants and venture into local cuisine.

The new feature will be gradually implemented for Google Maps users, bringing a new dimension to the experience of discovering places through Google Maps. application.

However, we still do not have clear information on whether all establishments already registered will benefit from this update.

Google Maps is evolving from a simple navigation app to a complete guide to gastronomic discoveries.

The experience promises to be richer and more personalized than ever. We are excited to see how this change will be a great ally when choosing a place to do an snack.

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