Apple is the target of mockery on Twitter: is the iPhone 15 just more of the same?

O iPhone 15 and its new line of products were recently presented by Apple, in an event widely anticipated by technology enthusiasts and consumers eager for news.

However, contrary to what many expected, it appears that Apple’s competitors were not very impressed with the company’s revelations. Steve Jobs.

Xiaomi, Samsung and OnePlus, known for their strong presence in the smartphone market, reacted skeptically towards Apple’s new launch. Instead of applauding the few innovations, they stated that the company did not bring concrete innovations to the market.

The presentation of the new line of iPhones took place on September 12th, a Tuesday. In the United States, prices range from US$799 to US$999, while in Brazil, products can be purchased for prices ranging from R$7,299 to R$9,299. However, criticism did not take long to emerge, especially on Twitter.

Competition does not forgive and criticism does not stop

Image: Apple/Reproduction

A Samsung, one of Apple’s main competitors, did not mince words in expressing its disapproval. For the South Korean brand, Apple’s presentation did not bring anything new and seemed to follow the same pattern as previous launches.

Many argued that Apple was using repeated excuses to justify a lack of innovation. On the other hand, OnePlus took the opportunity to highlight its own achievements.

The company emphasized that it already uses the input USB-C for some time, unlike Apple, which has only now incorporated this technology into its devices.

In short, the launch of the iPhone 15 and its lineup does not seem to have met expectations regarding the new product, especially among Apple’s competitors.

However, the brand’s fans were enthusiastic about the updates, a reaction that contrasts with that of fans of other smartphone manufacturers. This makes it clear that competition remains fierce in the world of mobile devices.

Time will tell how consumers respond to this criticism and whether Apple will be able to maintain its dominant position in the consumer market. smartphones.

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