10-year-old girl takes flight as electric plane pilot

Conquering the heavens is no longer a dream distant for Amy Spicer, an Australian girl of just 10 years old, who became one of the youngest pilots in the world to command an electric plane. Her journey began in childhood, when the desire to fly awakened in her heart.

At Jandakot Airport, in Perth, Western Australia, Amy performed her first solo flight in the Pipistrel Alpha Electro, a two-seater, fully electric training aircraft.

This feat possibly establishes her as the youngest pilot of an all-electric aircraft in the world.

An unprecedented feat

“I was 2 and a half years old when I first said I wanted to fly. I took my first flight when I was seven and started taking lessons when I was eight and nine,” shared the young prodigy about her love for aviation from a young age.

However, his journey was not without its challenges. Amy faced nasty comments from colleagues who questioned her ability to fly a plane without even having a driver’s license.

Determined to exceed expectations, she recently attended the ‘Women in Aviation’ conference in California, marking her determination in a field largely dominated by men.

His opportunity to fly an electric plane came through FlyOnE, an airline dedicated to more sustainable aircraft.

Piloting a two-seater prototype, Amy contributed to the cause of air transport that is more environmentally friendly and therefore less harmful to the environment. environment.

In an interview with The Daily Progress newspaper, Amy highlighted the importance of electric aircraft in relation to environmental preservation.

FlyOnE founder Korum Ellis explained that although such vehicles have a modest range of approximately one hour of flying time, they have the potential to play a key role in pilot training and, in the future, serve in commercial air transport.

Amy Spicer, with her determination and passion for aviation, has become an inspiring example for people and a symbol of aviation perseverance.

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