10 most accessed websites in Brazil and the world in 2023

Hostinger, a platform that offers website hosting on the Internetreleased in December the ranking of the most visited websites in Brazil and the world in 2023.

The survey uses traffic data from SimilarWeb, another platform that provides information about the best performing pages, in different categories and countries, with information from Google Trends and the help of artificial intelligence. As could be imagined, the Google appears at the top of the list of most accessed websites in the world.

The numbers basically show that search engines and social networks dominate access worldwide, with a possible rise in streaming and e-commerce sites.

In Brazil

Most visited websites in Brazil and around the world reveal how people like to use the internet – Photo: Internet/Reproduction

When analyzing the numbers for Brazil alone, a greater variety is noticed, with the presence of news and entertainment pages among the most visited. One thing that is evident, for example, is the growing popularity of TikTok in the country.

The ranking shows that Brazilians like to stay tuned and are aware of new ways of expressing themselves on the internet.

Are you curious to understand, exactly, what appears in the global and Brazilian top 10? See the rankings below, with data collected between October and November 2023.

10 most visited websites in Brazil

  1. Google.com: 4.5 billion monthly visits;

  2. Youtube.com: 1.4 billion monthly visits;

  3. Facebook.com: 840.5 million monthly visits;

  4. Globo.com: 694.8 million monthly visits;

  5. Instagram.com: 677.7 million monthly visits;

  6. WhatsApp.com: 467.1 million monthly visits;

  7. Uol.com.br: 457.2 million monthly visits;

  8. Google.com.br: 300.3 million monthly visits;

  9. Twitter.com: 252.8 million monthly visits;

  10. Mercadolivre.com.br: 242.1 million monthly visits.

10 most visited websites in the world

  1. Google.com: 87.04 billion monthly visits;

  2. Youtube.com: 32.72 billion monthly visits;

  3. Facebook.com: 16.71 billion monthly visits;

  4. Instagram.com: 6.74 billion monthly visits;

  5. Twitter.com: 6.14 billion monthly visits;

  6. Baidu.com: 4.92 billion monthly visits;

  7. Wikipedia.org: 4.54 billion monthly visits;

  8. Yahoo.com: 3.58 billion monthly visits;

  9. Yandex.ru: 3.30 billion monthly visits;

  10. WhatsApp.com: 3.07 billion monthly visits.

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