“This league stinks”: Pat McAfee is PROHIBITED from using official NFL team logos despite having a rights agreement

this NFL it is quite complex. The league doesn’t appreciate people who go live or make good money from it without their consent, so there’s the concept of a rights deal. Top media channels pay the league up to millions of dollars to be able to talk freely about the NFL and showcase the best games with their official team logos. However, this particular example is an odd one.

legendary bookie Pat McAfeeHe is one of the many media personalities who have now made a good name for himself as a sports commentator, paying the NFL millions to display their team logos and names on his namesake show. But the league is reportedly trying to handcuff him by not allowing him to use official team logos despite paying millions.

This may have sparked a war between the NFL and Pat McAfee as the sports commentator did not remain silent, threatening the league, and in turn would consider following guests and other important stories that would damage the NFL’s reputation. .

The Pat McAfee show pays an estimated $4 million to stream league games and highlights, but apparently some legal counsel from the NFL decided to scold Pat’s rights to use team logos in the graphics of his show. .

He made a sarcastic speech in the latest iteration of his show, mocking the NFL. “The professional American Football league will wrap up the eighth week of its primetime schedule clinched as the Cincinnati Football Club(Cincinnati Bengals) He went to Cleveland to buy Cleveland’s Football Club(Cleveland Browns) and a lot of people were like, ‘…Why are you talking like that about the league you’ve been talking about for the last three years?

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Pat McAfee trolled the NFL by showcasing his own creative graphics representing the teams in the league:

Pat McAfee
Pat McAfee

Continues, “The reason I’m doing this is because although we currently have a rights deal with the NFL costing millions of dollars, we were informed this morning that we are no longer allowed to use any of their logos on any of their logos. our graphics” What the old bookmaker said was recorded.

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Well, he cannot use the official team logos, instead he drew their logos and players and replaced the official logos. He was clearly mocking the league, but he had no choice but to do so.

“It was great doing business with you. I’m happy to have treated your league as it has been for the past few years, I appreciate the league and everything that has been done. I don’t think we’ve really touched on a lot of the issues we can deal with, and I think we will DEFINITELY do that by the end of the season. Insurance, CTE, and concussion. “I know a lot, things my friends know a lot. I think we might find some people to chat with to learn more about why the NFL should be held accountable and what shouldn’t.” Pat finishes.

Clearly, he was sending a warning to the league, which at times was criticized for its lackluster insurance policy denying claims or taking players too long to compensate for injuries sustained on the pitch. We all know the aspect of CTE that needs no further explanation. Fans angry at league’s decision excitementwith a user criticizing the league, ‘This league stinks.’

Will the NFL officially reprimand this ban on Pat McAfee in the near future? It’s a must see, but there are some official team logos in the thumbnails of the videos in the last issue of the show, so there may have been some positive conversations between Pat and the league.

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