‘Man what are you doing there’: Tom Brady had the Pirates resign from Leonard Fournette the moment he found out RB was considering joining the Patriots

Tom Brady is at a point in his career where he can get whatever he wants off and on the court. His team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, gave him enough room to choose the ideal squad he wanted to play with. Back in the New England Patriots, it was all about Coach Belichick, he put the squad together and Tom could have had his say, but at the end of the day, Bill Belichick had the last word.

Things are very different in Tampa Bay. Tom is LeBron 2.0 in the sense that he is indirectly the team’s GM. Recently, Leonard Fournette’s contract with the Bucs expired and the team was hesitant to extend him, so Lenny was exploring his options. He went to meet the New England Patriots, and of course Tom Brady found out about it.

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‘I just went shopping’: Leonard Fournette justifies his decision to meet with the Patriots

Leonard Fournette and Tom Brady
Tom Brady didn’t want to let Leonard Fournette get away from the Pirates

Leonard Fournette appeared on the screen. The Rich Eisen Show Where Brady gave us the detailed story of how he got him an extension with the Bucs. Before Lenny said she texted him when he found out Brady was going to meet the Patriots, but now we have a detailed explanation of what really happened.

“I was a free agent, I didn’t know if I would come back to the Bucs, the future was uncertain so I was going shopping to see what the teams had in store for me and when I went to New England, he (Tom Brady) When he texts me, it’s like, ‘Dude, what’s your ass doing in there’, I’m just shopping for what’s good for me, what’s convenient for me, and to provide for my family. It was like, ‘Man I’m going to call you back’ and the next thing, Tampa called me with an offer. Leonard Fournette lays out the whole situation.

Since he was an integral part of the Super Bowl-winning team and gave an incredible performance in the finals, it’s no surprise that Tom had something to do with the team that offered Lenny a contract. The quarterback immediately called the front desk and told them he probably didn’t want to lose Fournette and he definitely didn’t want to lose to his old team.

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Tom’s word matters a lot, we already knew that but now we know it’s true and he is none other than the Bucs general manager as he has a say in who the team trades. Leonard Fournette deserved an extension and it’s good to see him stay in Tampa.

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