Antonio Brown under scrutiny (AGAIN!) “He has a serious problem” as ex WR posts a nude picture of Gisele Bündchen on Snapchat

Anthony Brown He became one of the most controversial figures in the NFL while not playing in the league. The former WR was kicked out of the Bucs for disciplinary issues, and no other team since then has taken the risk of signing the variable WR.

Brown is known for getting into various controversies from time to time, also known for shooting for no reason at Bucs QB Tom Brady.

In another controversy, AB recently shared a nude photo of Tom Brady’s ex-wife Gisele on her Snapchat at 8am.

The reason for doing this is still unknown, but when did Brown look for a reason to do anything? This is also not the first time Gisele has shared on her social media. The former WR posted a photo of him hugging Gisele after she won the Super Bowl. While there was nothing wrong with the painting, it was the timing that was controversial.

Gisele and Tom Brady were about to finalize their divorce when AB decided to post the picture on their social media. After posting Gisele’s nude picture on her Snapchat, AB was reportedly banned from the app and her account was deleted.

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Antonio Brown ridiculed on NFL Twitter for his antics

Anthony Brown
Anthony Brown

Antonio Brown disappointed people to the point where they never wanted to see him on social media. The former WR has the ability to post anything on his Twitter or Snapchat without context.

NFL Twitter quickly went viral after the incident, and everyone started calling out Brown for his weird antics. Some asked him to stop testing GOAT Tom Brady, while others stated that these actions were a cry for help.

However, we do not know why the EU is involved in such activities and what it gains from it. Maybe the old WR is just looking for validation because there’s nothing going on right now or he’s just doing it for fun.

In the midst of this, NFL Twitter had similar reactions to another incident of Brown. Check out some of them below.

Antonio Brown had an impeccable career winning multiple Super Bowls with the Bucs and Patriots. That said, the former WR now looks like a shell of itself trying to be relevant to disappointing behavior on social media.

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