Samsung and Oculus together to create a virtual reality headset!

If virtual reality offers compelling prospects for video games, other industries are taking the issue seriously. Oculus VR, the pioneer of virtual reality, was recently acquired by Facebook for $2 billion. made a deal with another giant, Samsung.

How far can virtual reality go? While this technology is currently in its infancy, the prospects seem limitless. The motorcycle helmet equipped with virtual reality is just one example of what it has to offer. SAMSUNGThe market leader in smartphones seems tempted by this technology and It will even collaborate with Oculus VR to make your own helmet.

Samsung and Oculus join hands for virtual reality headset!

Therefore, after Sony and Project Morpheus or Microsoft, Samsung will also present the virtual reality headset with the difference that it will produce it in collaboration with Oculus VR. Samsung’s smartphone will slide right into the helmet and the vision will be through the phone.

This allows the user to use the main camera of the smartphone to observe his surroundings. The interface will be in the form of a virtual 3D space. where the icons will float. To launch an app, all you have to do is nod in front of one of these icons. There’s also talk of compatibility with voice control, tap-to-headphone click, or gamepad.

the idea would be deliver a multimedia experience, games, movies, videos and more will be possible. Both sides win, as Oculus provides Samsung with the prototype helmet, and in return the Korean firm commits to providing higher resolution displays than the latest Oculus prototype (the displays used will be the same as on smartphones).

This “information” remains clearly skeptical until approved by one of the firms. Again, this project has something intriguing even if the first tests are not very conclusive. We look forward to discovering more.

We would like to know your opinion on this matter. Is Samsung-Oculus VR collaboration a good idea? Interested in this project? Tell us everything.


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