How to Fix iOS 15 Stuck at ‘Update Requested’ Screen on iPhone

Packed with many notable features including Live Text, Focus Mode, SharePlay and Digital Legacy, iOS 15 is finally released for all users after multiple beta tests. The latest iteration of iOS comes with many other features that improve efficiency and security. But unfortunately, there have been reports of iPhone users getting stuck at the ‘update required’ or ‘preparing update’ screen while trying to install iOS 15. If you have encountered this installation problem, we have compiled the 7 best tips and tricks for it. Fix iOS 15 stuck on ‘update requested’ or ‘preparing update’ screen.

Fix iOS 15 Stuck While Preparing Update Requested or Update Issue (September 2021)

To begin, we will first look at the plausible causes of iOS 15 update installation problems. If you’re already familiar with these, use the table below to browse possible solutions.

What Could Cause iOS 15 to Stuck During Installation?

Often times, a poor Wi-Fi connection turns out to be the biggest nuisance of iOS update failing on iPhones. So, you can avoid this problem by first making sure that your Wi-Fi connection is strong. You should also make sure that your iPhone has enough storage space to host the iOS 15 update file. Now that we know the usual suspects for the requested iOS 15 update preparing the update issue, check out the best ways to troubleshoot it.

Do you want to know how long it took to download the iOS 15 update once the issue is resolved? The iOS 15 update size is about 5GB and takes an average of 15-20 minutes to download depending on your internet connection. That said, here are the tips for fixing iOS 15 update installation issues:

Tips to Fix iOS 15 Update Installation Issues

1. Turn Off/On Wi-Fi and Restart Your iPhone

In most cases, iPhone gets stuck on ‘update requested’ screen due to a malfunctioning Wi-Fi network. So, make sure the Wi-Fi connection is strong and stable. Most of the time, this is how you can fix the instability of the Wi-Fi network: Turn off/on Wi-Fi toggle From Settings and without restarting the device.

To do this, Settings app -> Wi-Fi and turn off the toggle. Then restart your device. Here are the steps to restart your iPhone with and without Face ID:

  • To restart iPhone without home button: Press and hold the volume up or down button and the power button simultaneously until you see the power off slider. After that, drag the slider to turn off your device. Now wait a few seconds and then press the side button to turn on your device.
  • To restart iPhone with home button: Press and hold the side button. Then drag the power off slider to turn off your iPhone. After waiting a few seconds, press the side button to turn on your device.

After restarting your iPhone, go to Settings -> Wi-Fi and turn on wifi. Now, try to install iOS 15; your device should smoothly pass the ‘update requested’ or ‘preparing update’ screen.

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2. Hard Reset Your iPhone

When it comes to troubleshooting common iOS and iPadOS problems, a hard reset (also known as a force restart) has long been a reliable option among iPhone users. So, it is worth going for this hack to fix iOS 15 update installation issues.

hard reset iPhone
Image courtesy: Apple
  • Hard reset iPhone 8 or newer without home button: Press and quickly release the volume up button. Next, quickly press and release the volume down button. Then press and hold the side button until the screen goes black and the Apple logo appears on the screen.
  • Hard reset iPhone 7/7 Plus: Press and hold the volume down button and side button simultaneously until the Apple logo appears.
  • Hard reset iPhone 6s with home button: Press and hold the home button and side button simultaneously until you see the Apple logo.

3. Restart Your Router

If your Wi-Fi connection still seems slow, try restarting your router. Turn off the Wi-Fi router, wait 5 minutes, and then turn it back on. I also recommend you forget wifi network on your iPhone and then reconnect your device to the network.

To do this, follow these steps. Go to Settings -> Wi-Fi and tap the “i” button next to a Wi-Fi connection. Next, tap on the ‘Forget This Network’ option. Now reconnect to your Wi-Fi network and try to download the iOS 15 update.

Forget This Network

Pro tips:

  • Since the iOS 15 download is huge, it’s better to keep the device connected to a power source during the update.
  • Also, force quit all apps running in the background. On iPhones without a home button, swipe up from the home bar and hold across the middle of the screen. After that, swipe up on the app cards to exit each app. On iPhones with a home button, double-press the home button and swipe up on the cards to exit all apps.

4. Reset Network Settings

If you still can’t install iOS 15 on your iPhone, try resetting the network settings on your iPhone. It is a well-known workaround for solving even complex problems with wireless networks. So I rely on this to fix issues with your iPhone getting stuck during ‘update requested’ or ‘preparing for update’ when trying to download iOS 15 update.

To do this, go to the Settings app on your device. then go to General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings. Now enter your password and click ‘Network Settings Reset‘ to confirm the option. Try installing the iOS 15 update once again and you shouldn’t run into any issues.

Reset-Network-Settings - iOS 15 Update Stuck on Requested Screen

5. Delete iOS 15 File

Another solution that I would suggest you to try is to delete the downloaded iOS 15 file. Yes, sometimes a corrupt installation file can cause your iPhone to get stuck on the ‘update requested’ screen. Then start the entire iOS 15 installation process from scratch.

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To delete the file, go to: Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage. Next, scroll down to find iOS 15 and tap on it. After this, ‘Delete Update‘ choice. Then restart your device and try to download and install the iOS 15 update.

iPhone and iPad storage

6. Deploy Your iPhone

Note that the iOS 15 update file size is around 5GB. So make sure your iOS device has enough free storage to host the update file. If your device is messy and has low storage, chances are pretty good that the culprit is none other than congested storage.

So, what are the ways to free up space for the iOS 15 update? Get rid of all junk files including useless apps that you no longer use or need on your iPhone. Also, do not back up unnecessary screenshots and random videos that you may have saved and forgot to delete. After cleaning your device, try to install iOS 15 again.

Clean Your iPhone or iPad - Stuck at Screen Requesting iOS 15 Update

7. Reset All Settings on Your iPhone

If none of the tricks listed above worked in fixing iOS 15 update problems for you, factory reset your iPhone. Note that it will delete all current settings including Wi-Fi and VPN. But don’t bother as all your data will be safe. So there is no need to panic about losing anything important during the reset process.

Reset All Settings - Stuck on iOS 15 Update Requested Screen

To reset the settings, go to: Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings. Now enter your iPhone passcode and reset all settings again to confirm.

note: If you are unable to update your iPhone to iOS 15 via OTA process, you can go for a somewhat tedious but reliable method. You can use the Finder/iTunes application to install the update without any problems. To do this, connect your device to the computer and select the device. After that, click on Check for updates and follow the onscreen instructions to install the latest iOS iteration.

Troubleshooting iOS 15 Stuck on Screen Requesting Update

This much! I believe this guide helped you get past the ‘update requested’ or ‘preparing update’ screen and install the iOS 15 update on your iPhone. As I mentioned above, the problem is usually caused by a slow Wi-Fi network or clogged storage. Thus, you can keep this problem at bay by maintaining a stable Wi-Fi connection. Additionally, keeping storage organized can also help prevent iOS 15 software update issues from occurring. However, what solutions have helped you fix the iOS 15 update installation issue? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below. If you have used other tactics to force the update, share with us (and our readers) in the comments below.

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