How Do You Know If HP Has a $99 Touchpad In Stock?

As you know, the HP TouchPad has been selling for extremely low prices since the company announced that it has stopped production of webOS supported tablets. And because of this urgent sale, there is insane demand for this device.

I mean, when all is said and done right, who wouldn’t want a $99 tablet with little or no developer support?

Sarcasm aside, these things sell like cakes for $99, and due to the low price point, HP has announced temporarily out of stock due to excessive demand for the device.

Those words would be much nicer to hear before HP decides to kill existing and future webOS hardware. The company says it’s not worth your time to call HP to find out about availability, and instead you should follow or visit their community manager @brynaathp on Twitter. this link to learn more about when the tablet will be available again.

Anyone bought it for $99?

Our Warner Crocker did the opposite and returned his. If I had one, I would probably do the same. I can’t imagine having a tablet without a thriving app market and developer community behind it.

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