How to Use PS3 Controller with Android Phones and Tablets

When it comes to gaming on your Android smartphone, nothing beats a physical controller.

The slide-out PlayStation controller built into the Sony Xperia Play was the highlight of the phone and offers a much more enjoyable and visible gaming experience.

If you don’t have Xperia Play but want to be able to use a controller on your Android smartphone, you should check out this app that lets you use your PlayStation 3 controller on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Application Sixaxis Controller Allows you to wirelessly connect your PS3 controller to your Android smartphone so you can play games without turning off the screen. The app retails for $1.65 on the Android Market, which is very cheap for what it offers.

You must have root access to use this application.

Sixaxis Controller app needs your computer and mini USB cable to pair the controller with your phone, but after that you can use up to four controllers simultaneously without any cables.

Features include;

Before purchasing the application, we recommend that you run it for free. Sixaxis compatibility checker app to make sure your phone is supported. Device support seems to be a hit, but there have been reports of it working with the Xoom, Galaxy Tab, and ThunderBolt.

The controller will work with most apps and games, including popular emulators available for Android devices.

Hopefully we’ll see built-in support for some kind of gamepad in the near future. I know it will increase my probability of playing games on Android platform.

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