WhatsApp: video calls are finally available to everyone!

WhatsApp is finally integrating video calls into its Android and iOS app. It’s a feature that mail client users have been waiting for for about a year. With video chat, the app aligns and thus catches up with its main competitors like Skype or Facebook Messenger. It was time!

Having strengthened the security of its app by adding a two-step identification procedure last week, WhatsApp has recently undergone a new update and is finally bringing video calls to its messaging client. The rollout of this new update started today for Android and iOS.

To make a video call, simply click on the “Phone” icon during the call. You will then choose between a voice call and a video call. Note that video calls will be encrypted by default. As always, WhatsApp puts security above all else and that’s what sets it apart from some of its competitors.

Apart from the security aspect, the company has also put a lot of effort on the compatibility side as video calls are made from Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. So you can enjoy it even if you have an old smartphone. It will have taken time for video chat to arrive on WhatsApp as we’ve had this option in Facebook Messenger for a year and a half, but it looks like it was worth the wait.

According to initial feedback from American users, the call quality seems to be excellent in terms of both audio and video. In a market as competitive as instant messaging apps, WhatsApp wants to stand out by providing a quality service, and it seems to understand that. Don’t forget to update WhatsApp to the latest version to enjoy video calls.

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