Big Sova nerf in an upcoming Valorant Chapter 4 Act 3 update

Valorant updates bring a lot of new things and new cosmetics, new agents and maps, but along with the updates they also bring agent updates, this time the developers are changing things up with Sova. Sova is an ab initiator and her job is to find the enemy.

Sova is one of the top picks on most of the maps. However, it’s only a matter of time before gamers use Sova as a launcher for their ranked game before the upcoming new Chapter 4. There is a short delay.

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Changes to Sova’s ability in Valorant 4.08

Big Sova nerf in an upcoming Valorant Chapter 4 Act 3 update
Sova Drone ability after nerve

Before patch 4.08 comes a huge nerf to Sova’s ability, the agent can deal 90 damage with her sock arrow but now she can only do 75. Talking about his drone ability, he’s also getting a big nerf and a slight buff.

Sova’s drone now only lasts 8 seconds, which is much shorter than the normal timing, and can only tag the enemy twice with a delay, but before the update the drone tags the enemy three times and with no delay, and the Drone seems a bit faster.

Sova nerf is coming in patch 4.08 On April 27, 2022, with this new update, a new agent will be added to the game along with a new skin pack RGX 11Z Pro 2 as well as a new Battle Pass.

However, failing to get the ultimate nerve works as usual and kills the enemy and also kills the ultimate pleasure. They do less damage with dart darts, they can’t kill their enemies, but their health can be reduced and can also destroy like Cypher tripwire and Killjoy swarm granede. Talk about the scout bolt, it still works as usual, scanning enemies at a range, giving their position.

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